A collaborative archive, database and future group performance
Facilitated by Michelle Tupko & Inge Hoonte

Action Passing invites you to investigate digital and physical space by collaborating on a performance research project. We will pass information, instruction and material for performance through platforms existing between participating makers nationally, and internationally. The generated material builds an expansive collaborative archive whose contents will culminate in a future group performance, its form yet to be determined and shaped by the contributors.

The location of this archive is twofold.

The archive’s digital home is at https://actionpassing.wordpress.com/
The archive is public, and based on the open-source principle that all contributors can actively use, re-evaluate, restructure and recreate material, thus further enhancing the project. Content can be uploaded and edited by anyone by logging in to the Action Passing account with the username “actionpassingproject” and the password “actionpassing“.

The archive’s physical home is in Inge’s apartment in Brooklyn, who will digitize incoming material and post it on the blog. You can either consult the archive online or come over in person.

There are multiple ways to be involved in this process.
You can:
a. Contribute material for performance via snail mail, the blog, or through any other form of communication.
b. Browse the blog, choose material that sparks your interest, and create material in response.
c. Post your response material on the blog, or send it to other contributors.
d. Participate in a live performance, in any way, at a later date TBD.

Material can be contributed in a variety of media, such as: email, photos, web cams, cameras in public space, (cell) phone, TV, radio, printed matter, social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, postal mail, IM, ESP and in person.

Working with scores, chance and the notion of global interconnectivity, the project incorporates every node of production, while arranging the material into a performance that can function as both a discrete event and a window into the larger process of movements moving through bodies that move across the globe.

Action Passing Contact Information

You can upload material via:

Send mail to:
Inge Hoonte
814 Manhattan Ave 4R
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Or send inquiries, files and messages to:

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